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I am mostly fascinated with the intricate mosaic of beadwork. I love working with my hands and doing many projects myself. I make my own patterns based on my own paintings or photographs. I can turn any image you wish into a beadwork pattern.

Graphic Design

I'm a professional print designer going on 6 years. I am very fast and affordable. I love bright colors, bold fonts, and to create elements in a design that pop!


I've been an obsessive painter since highschool. To this day, my easel is never left empty for long. Ask me about any painting on this site, or a potential commission.


I'm a semi-professional photographer, going on 8 years. I love shooting weddings, headshots, and anything else appearing in amazing lighting.


I'm a huge do-it-yourself-er. I'm always trying my hand at various crafts. My favorite however has been designing and implementing elaborate, custom beadwork jewelry.

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